Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Vocab Lesson: Grosse Pointe Gay

I've got a couple of Grosse Pointe-related posts coming up, so a quick vocabulary lesson is in order as preparation.

Since moving back to Detroit and socializing in primarily heterosexual circles, a phenomenon I'd thought had long died out has been discovered thriving in the wild. It is the gay man who is married (to a woman), often has children, and lives his life in heterosexual society as a heterosexual family man. The kicker is that it is usually obvious to all but the most oblivious observer that this man is gay - but nobody talks about it. Due it's prevalence in a certain tony Detroit suburb, this is something we have come to term the "Grosse Pointe Gay."

"Hey buddy! How's it goin'?"

Now I know you are saying to me "big fucking deal, that happens all the time." Well, perhaps. But I'm not talking about my parents' generation, where guys were coming of age when the options for gay life were decidedly more ... frightening? When public acceptance of gays was minimal to non-existent. This is not a (pick a Republican closet case) type of story.

I'm talking about guys my age, maybe a little older, who apparently never had the good sense to get away for a while and figure things out, and instead are spending their lives living someone else's expectations. And kids, Grosse Pointe is FULL of them.


David Stas said...

I wonder what the terminological equivalent of "on the down-low" is in Grosse Pointe?

Pastor Mathew said...

I am trying to learn as we are moving here. Is gross point school distrinct discrimative agains gays? Or are they progressive?

Supergay Detroit said...

Hi Pastor Mathew! I have to say, I have no idea about how progressive the school district is, but I am pretty sure they are not discriminative against gays.

I say this based on the number of gay people I know who have come out while in high school there.

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