Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm not the only one trying to carve out an oasis in the gay desert. Doggy Styler Ed emailed to show that there are Supergays everywhere!

Carroll Gardens - A Gay Bar Scene Is Born.

We don't have go-go dancers at Doggy Style, but who really wants that anyway? OK shut up.



Anonymous said...

yeah! Go go dancers!

Anonymous said...

you SICK s.o.b.! get back in the closet where you belong,and read your bible.

Anonymous said...

Hey look...you've been internet gay bashed. congrats! you must be popular.

As an aside, there is a follow up to that article. Apparently the article triggered a complaint which has resulted in an investigation into the establishment's running of an unlicensed cabaret (or something). The article I read (I think NYTimes) seemed to imply that this 'gay night' was going on under the radar and the locals are a tad upset and want it shut. Better keep doggy style stripper free.

SupergayDetroit said...

I was excited about the online gay bashing! There's another comment in the Gay Bar Blight Tour Part 2 about keeping in the basement where it belongs. The basement? I guess it's ok if it's out of sight!

I agree on keeping Doggy Style stipper-free!

Frank Anthony Polito said...

Hey, Supergay!

This bar/pizzeria with its "gay night" is located in my old hood in Caroll Gardens, Brooklyn. (I've since moved on up to Park Slope.)

My partner and I checked it out last week with some friends. The crowd was a bit small, but Evan (the manager) was great, providing us with FREE pizza, and the beers were only $3. (I felt like I was back in Detroit!)

Speaking of... I'll be back for a book signing for my latest, DRAMA QUEERS!, on June 18th at B & N in RO. Come on by!

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