Friday, May 29, 2009

If you're an Erasure fan ...

You may enjoy this. A guy who performs under the name Haberdashery has done an EP of Erasure cover songs and it's really quite good! No radical interpretations, but he's chosen some relatively obscure album cuts from the Erasure oeuvre (that fans will know and love) and it all makes for some nice mellow listening on a cool sunny morning.

I enjoyed that it's called the Erasure EP with four cover tracks because it echoes Erasure's own cover album, the ABBA-esque EP with four tracks. Now THAT was some fun summer listening, back in the pre-Mamma Mia losical days.

Anyway, if you are the mood from some smooth and well-executed synth-pop, check this out. You can listen to all four songs here. And you can buy the whole EP for only $2.99!

If you happen to be road-tripping this beautiful day, I think this is a good addition to your playlist!
Have a lovely weekend!

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Katie said...

I adore Haberdashery's Erasure EP! He took songs that I didn't think could ever be touched, and put his own magic spin on them. And I must say, as hard-core Erasure fan, his version of Mad As We Are rivals the original! *GASP*

Go check it out!!!

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