Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hey there

I know I've been lax on the posting thing, and it seems like lately all I do is shill for Macho City. Although in the interest of full disclosure that's about the extent of my Detroit gay life right now.

See the thing is ... Facebook. I have such a good time tending my personal Facebook garden that I just never get around to the blog posting anymore. First of all, blog posting - the physical act of - is a pain in the ass. There's getting photos onto the computer and formatting them and uploading them, and there is writing and formatting the post in the TRS-80 composition window of Blogger. And then there's the going back and fixing formatting and ... well, it just takes so damn long that lately I've opted in for opting out.

Plus on Facebook ... people respond. You post something, people comment back. It's exciting and interactive!

There is also the sense that I've run my gay course in this city. Like I really think I've just reached this comfortable end point where I can't be bothered anymore. I've figured out the weird gay scene, I know the neighborhoods, I have someone to call if I want a gay night out, and frankly, I've got a routine going that is not that interesting to document weekly. Oh, he's at Atlas again? Crazy.

OH there are some posts that never happened but probably should, like some trips to the gay bars (if only it wasn't such a pain in the ass to get video off my phone). And the story about the dinner I had with the Birmingham gay who used to live in Lafayette Park and told me what a gay ghetto it was in the early 90's. And the crazy Indian Village/West Village yard sale and all the gays swarming that thing.

The quilt of Danielle Steel paperbacks at one of the Indian Village houses ... even better than the cat mug lady!
Did I ever tell you about how my mom bought me DS's "Family Album" when I was leaving home for the
summer at age 16 andit was the first book I ever read with a gay character and I had an intense bonding
moment with that book? Well now I have.

The stories are there, I guess, but my motivation is lacking. Well, and I've been a bit busy with work.
So here's to trying to ramp up again. I can't make any promises, and yes you will hear more about Macho City, Fierce Hot Mess, Atlas Wednesdays and Doggy Style, but I think I can finally get a bit more into the blogging groove.



SupergayDetroit said...

For example, I have spent five minutes trying to figure out why there are two line spaces after the photo caption but no line return after the next paragraph.

And I'm too anal to just let that shit go. God, Blogger's editor really sucks.

Dan said...

here's some interactivity!

but seriously, you do a good job on your posts and you should keep it up.

goooo Supergay!

motz said...

I basically enjoy anything to read that isn't Google News or inane forums posts on whatever forum I choose to frequent. Also, what carrier do you have for your cell? Depending on what carrier, it could be hella easy to get it off the phone!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear about your dinner with the Birmingham guy . . .. I owned in Lafayette Park in the early '90's and am now Birmingham-adjacent (as I recall, a favorable spin on some Los Angeles real estate was to say "Beverly Hills-Adjacent" - what works in California must work in Michigan - like making movies).

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