Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kaleidoscopic Eyes

The Ruth Ellis Center was incorporated in 1999 and over the past ten years has emerged as one of the bright spots in the Detroit area LGBT scene, both for its great work with queer youth and for its appeal as a worthy LGBT charity.  I've written about a couple fun fundraisers right here on Supergay Detroit, in fact.

There is another one coming up that promises to be quite a good time, because not only does it benefit everyone's favorite cause, but it also takes place at one of the greatest venues in town, the Scarab Club. (Oh, the times I've been overserved there ...)  This event is called Kaleidoscope and it takes place next Thursday.  Check out the details:

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Aside from the venue and the company, I am particularly excited about the documentary on vogueing, possibly the one gay thing that still thrills me when I stumble upon it!

So come out Thursday, September 23, to the Scarab Club, at 6pm.  It's right behind the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Tickets are $50 for the under-30 crowd and $125 for everyone else (ageism is the new heterosexism!) and you can buy your tickets here.  There's no note about what you should wear, but why don't you dress up a little bit, for a change?

Hope to see you there!  And in the meantime, why don't you enjoy this video, one of the few relatively authentic appropriations of vogueing in popular culture (nothing personal, Madonna).


markseth said...

LOVED THIS VIDEO!!! Is vogueing still an art form in Detroit? would love to bring some dancers to Seattle to revive it here. Love your website too! FAB-U-LOUS! What a creative place Detroit must be! REally want to visit soon!!! Do Detroiters appreciate what they have? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

I live in New Orleans and like fixing up old houses.
Why does West Village have a bunch of houses for $50,000 --- and another for $200,000???

Gay neighborhood in West Village or Jefferson/Ashland, where houses are $25,000???

Anonymous said...

PS - Big dance fan especially 2-steo - country - line
Where all all the dancers dancing now???

Mikenewmexico from New Orleans

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