Thursday, February 17, 2011

Palate Cleanser

The past week has been invigorating but I'm ready to get away from serious discussions for a bit.

In that vein, let's watch a video that I always revisit whenever I need to remember that this is all supposed to be fun.  Maybe the RoboCop discussion is a good example of why we need a bigger gay community in this city!

And that should get us through until next week, when I have another post about out-of-staters shitting all over Detroit. Seriously, I won't be a grouch much longer.


Detroit maids said...

I suddenly remembered the movie "The Bird Cage".

film_maven said...

"Die Mommy Die" oh, wait, are we naming our favorite fun drag films?

"Kinky Boots" !!

I like this game.

Thombeau said...


markseattle said...

My nominees for favorite fun drag film? "La Cage aux Folles" (original 1978 movie) and "Girls Will be Girls"!

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