Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Change of Season

As winter's last gasp keeps us bundled up for a just a few days more, it's reassuring to know that soon spring will be firmly rooted and we can finally ditch our Season Affective Disorder for another year.  With this great news comes some bad though.  The home baseball season starts this Friday, and that means we've come to the end of another season of Tuesday Nights Doggy Style at the Park Bar!

Join us tonight for some gay camaraderie, the beverage or beverages of your choice and not one but TWO new video compilations, plus Doggy Style's greatest hits!  It's a night to remember, at least until you forget!

Thanks to all the folks who came out for good times and this (compared to last year) surprisingly robust season of Doggy Style!  And thanks to our good friends at the Park Bar who let us gay it up every week!  See you in the fall, probably!
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