Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Raised Voices, Raised Awareness

Continuing in the vein of highlighting Detroit's LGBT community, there's another video making its debut this week.  This one is a partnership between Model D Media and The HOPE Fund.  Read more about it here.

This video highlights the growth of leadership in the gay communities of color in Detroit - KICK, which serves Detroit's African-American community; Detroit Latin@z, which serves the Latino community; and Al-Gamea, which serves the Middle Eastern community.  It's a great testament to the growing voices of *all* aspects of the LGBT community in Detroit.

That growth is so fantastic, by the way, because with growing voices comes increased visibility. That is key as we work to change policy toward LGBT people in Michigan, but also as we work to become a more interconnected gay community here in the city of Detroit.

I also recommend you check you yet another gorgeous photo slide show by Marvin Shaouni, which captures some great moments from Detroit's Black Pride celebration, "Hotter Than July," which took place this past Saturday!

I have to tell you, this has really been quite a year so far for the gay community in Detroit. I feel like our collective identity is really shining. And more importantly, I don't think I can remember when there has been so much bridge-building within the community. It's a pretty exciting time!

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