Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Grocery Myth

One of the horrible burdens any person living in Detroit faces is dealing with suburbanites who inevitably (and sometimes immediately) ask, "Where do you shop for groceries??"   And answering that question is, honestly, super annoying.  First of all, I have to repeat something I've said a hundred times.  And secondly, I am forced to think the person I am talking to is an idiot, which makes me feel like I am wasting my time.

Jim Griffioen, my across-the-park neighbor from when I lived in Lafayette Park who writes the super excellent Sweet Juniper blog, has taken a little time out to address that question, and you can read about it on the Urbanophile blog here.

And if you aren't going to read the whole thing, at least read this:

The myth of a city without supermarkets is hard to kill, even faced with the evidence above. Ultimately, that myth perseveres because the mainstream media and its audience is steeped in a suburban mentality where the only grocery stores that really seem to count are those large, big-box chain stores that are the only option in so many communities these days, largely because they have put locally-owned and independent stores like the ones you find in Detroit out of business.

I'm not much of an at-home cook so the grocery question wasn't even on my radar when I moved here.  But to answer everyone's question, I have been a regular shopper at Harbortown Market, Honeybee Market and oh yeah, that place basically across the street from Lafayette Park - Eastern Market.  And sometimes I like to shop at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods so I drive there. But I would never base my decision to live somewhere (or my quality of life) on proximity to one of those.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Talent Time!

Tonight is the big talent show!  I hope you've got an act prepared! Warm-up karaoke starts at 8 and the talent show starts sometime in the 10 o'clock hour!  All at Southwest Detroit's glamorous Polish Village Veteran's Hall!

Just a heads-up though - don't do the following performance.  I am doing it with Toby Barlow, Phil Cooley, Claire Nelson and Torya Blanchard. We are gonna rock it.

See you tonight!

They don't gay up kids like they used to.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lez Raise Money!

OK people, get your act together!  The second annual Talent Show is coming!  And just like your ex, it's coming quicker than you think.

First the important info: the show is THIS FRIDAY!  Yes I know, that is quick!  Hopefully you've been honing your amazing talents all year and are ready to go!

As you may recall, last year's show was to raise money for Astro Coffee, and was greatly successful in getting some seed money together for this small startup in the middle of the Great Recession.  Since last year, Astro Coffee has secured financing and it is now in the midst of a buildout on the Slows block in Corktown, with an opening date of sometime in the future!

Last year's show was also greatly successful in being loads of fun, and as the top three awards went to downtown gays, it woke Detroit up to the fact that queers are even better to have around than hipsters!  I was so proud of us that night, especially me since I came in first.

Me, coming out on top!  Yes, that's the stage!
(photo thanks to Jon Dones)

Now it could be your chance to shine!  Any talent is a Detroit Talent Show talent!  Last year we had lots of singing and dancing and comedy and some performances that might actually qualify as art.  This year I would specifically like to encourage tap dancers, mimes and people doing dramatic readings from television commercials or reality shows to sign up.  Also production numbers! You could win a prize!

The show this year is also a benefit, and it is going to help Cassie DeWitt - friend of Supergay, urban queer, community do-gooder and downtown darling!  She fractured her ankle and leg (in two places!) while volunteering to help with the Hygienic Dress League "No Vacancy" project in Roosevelt Park, and we are raising money to help pay with expenses from her surgery and subsequent physical therapy.

Cassie suffered for art and now so can you!

2nd Annual Talent Show, a benefit
Friday, January 14,  8 to 2am (with karaoke warmup!)
Polish Village Veterans Hall
4930 Central Avenue (just off I-94), Detroit

$20 donation
$2.50 drinks plus food from Slows, Supino Pizzeria and more!
To sign up, send an email to Cassie!
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