Monday, September 15, 2014


It's been almost two and a half years since I last posted on here, and it was intermittent at best before that. So I think it's been pretty safe to say that this blog, as we've known it, is dunzo. What can I say? Sometimes life intervenes.

It's actually been a pretty tumultuous couple of years personally and professionally, sometimes in pretty uniquely Detroit ways. Maybe I'll write about the details someday. Suffice to say things have leveled off. Unlike the heyday of this blog when I was single and living the cheap glamorous life that only Detroit 1.0 could afford you, I now live with my partner outside the downtown bubble in a little house I enjoy quite a bit. And unlike the free-wheeling pre-recession days, I have to work a hell of a lot more to get by. But I'm happier than I've been in a long time, which is good because complaint-blogging is so 2011.

I've actually felt the urge to write a few times in the past year, but it always seems weird just starting up again. So officially closing a chapter seems the best thing to do.

The blog stays up for anyone remotely interested in a slice of the Detroit that caught everyone's attention before Dan Gilbert set his sights on turning downtown into a romper room and Shinola decided Midtown needs to be Williamsburg. Hey, I'm not complaining. I'm just describing it the most concise way I can. Bring on your money Detroit 2.0. If shit's going to be more expensive here I need it.

The future of this blog is less clear. I don't feel the urgency to address the things that brought Supergay Detroit to life 7-1/2 years ago. But (some) people know the name, and it seems too ridiculous to just let it go completely. We'll see.

In the meantime, Season 8 of Doggy Style at the Park Bar starts up again in November, one of the last vestiges of downtown's vestigial ad-hoc gay scene. The Tuesday after the election, November 11, should be the startup. Drinks and my take on the gay video bar. Search the blog if you need details.


Mark said...

I'm very sad to see the end of this blog. You entertained me for years out here in white bread Seattle. Good luck, and please let me know if this blog is ever resurrected or reincarnated. Best regards.

Anonymous said...

You and your work have been enjoyed by so many of us. Your writing is so entertaining. Thank you for the joy you've brought, the light to relished memories, and the confidence that all is not lost and that there is pride in our collective histories.

Toronto (formerly Detroit)

ScottCa said...

I check back on this blog from time to time, never really expecting to find anything anymore. Enjoy following things about the D from gay CA. I wonder where your little house is and hope you keep the blog going

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