Friday, May 18, 2007


Well it's time for another Guerrilla Queer Bar event! Yay!

Guerrilla Queer Bar is my numero uno favorite gay thing to do within the city limits. It is ALWAYS fun, and within the past twelve months has really ramped up to the big time. Every event is now very well attended with some cool cats looking for fun in the city.

The next event is today, Friday, at the Comet Bar, starting at 9:30. It's karaoke! Or if you are preparing like I am, Cher-eoke. Details are at the great new
Detroit Guerrillas website.

I heartily recommend to anyone that they show up. The last event at the Whitney/Majestic Cafe was awesome, a great mix of city and suburb. And hot, actually.

As the Guerrillas website points out, however, they really want more cool lesbians to show up! So if you know any lesbians who are not too rowdy and maybe have a lippy in their purse, tell them to come on out!

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