Saturday, May 5, 2007


Kinda hung over from Bravo Bravo at the Opera House last night. What a shock. So I'm just digging up some sixties camp on YouTube.

First clip is from
Sweet Charity, the 1969 film directed by Bob Fosse, based on his stage musical. And it's soooooooo Fosse! It's a dance number entitled "Rich Man's Frug."

Now what really smacked me in the face about it, aside from the fact that it's perfect late 60's/early 70's, it that the choreography for the
"Khaki-a-go-go" Gap ad I posted a while back is lifted directly from this! Who knew?

This musical is also notable for spawning the song "Hey Big Spender," the screenplay is by Frederico Fellini, and the all-star cast includes Shirley MacLaine, Chita Rivera, Ricardo Montalban, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Ben Vereen!

Second camp find for the day was the world's longest movie trailer for the 1966 film Modesty Blaise. I know, that's like a comic you read at the doctor's office or found at your grandpa's house, like
Brenda Starr. Well apparently she was like the female James Bond, or as the trailer says "the female answer to Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and those others who burned cities to save civilization."

Whatever she was, it's FULL camp. Apparently this movie was a big influence on Quentin Tarantino in the writing of Kill Bill. Again, who knew?

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