Friday, August 31, 2007

Lady Di Died

Hard to believe it was ten whole years ago when Princess Diana died, eh? I was in Saugatuck for Labor Day weekend, staying at a friend's condo when we got the news.

I remember feeling sad and a bit weird - I was wholly obsessed with the Royal Wedding back as a little pre-teen faglet ... waiting every day for Nickie McWhirter's report from London in the Detroit News (or was it Free Press?) ... clipping every article and picture that was printed and saving them in a Hudson's gift box (for ten years!) ... waking up at 5am to watch the wedding live on TV ... ah, remembering that uninhibited youthful gay exuberance exhilirates me even now.

The gay community certainly was shocked by her death as much as anyone, and perhaps mourned it a little more (or more dramatically), what with their love of a strong tragic female icon. I do have to say though, that I did not react like the guy in this video. A bunch of gays sitting around playing canasta, watching the news about the accident, and then at 30 seconds in, the news comes ...

The only better gay story I've heard goes like this: A guy was at the gay bar hanging out on a weekend night when suddenly the bartender turns down the music and shouted "OH MY GOD, DIANA'S DEAD!"

Without hesitation, some queen shrieked back, "Diana Ross is DEAD???"


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