Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Spirit of Detroit has a nice ass

Some guy who is doing restoration work on the Spirit of Detroit statue at Woodward and Jefferson apparently created some miniatures to test patinas (or something, I can't be bothered with the specifics). Now he is offering cast miniature models of the statue for the Detroit enthusiast you love. Love a lot, by the way, because they are $9,000 each, apparently.

(As an art-buying aside, $9,000 isn't necessarily a crazy amount for a 12" cast bronze piece. But it might be when you are talking about a relatively poor replica of a public statue vs. original art by an artist with a reputation).

That's neither here nor there as far as I'm concerned, because while this replica may have changed the very generic cute Anglo facial features of the real statue into something more Bel Ami Studios Eastern European porn ...

The original's hair is cuter too.

... and while the mesomorphic body type of the original seems to have given way to a leaner ectomorphic body, I want to simply point out this:

What exactly is he squatting on?

Now THAT'S the spirit of MY Detroit.

1 comment:

davidhall said...

The new Spirit of Detroit looks like Chris Issac with that 50's greaser hair.

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