Sunday, January 6, 2008

How Gay Are You?

Do you lay awake at night, plagued with self-doubt about whether or not you are gay enough? Do you hesitate to approach friends, family or even strangers on the street to inquire, fearing the news that you do not live fabulously enough in this world?

Well fear no more, there is now a simple test to determine your level of gaiety in the privacy of your own home. Try the Gay-O-Meter today!

My shameful results. I will be working to improve my gayness in 2008.


D-Tales said...

Hey, I'm almost as gay as you! I got 50%. I'm a well-adjusted hetero chick.

Anonymous said...

Hmm -- I got 50 percent on the test, too. I appreciate that that qualifies me as a "well-adjusted hetero male."
Love the blog and read it nearly every day. I find it insightful, smart and very funny -- probably much like the author himself. Keep up the good work and I wish you much success.

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