Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hung Up on Soul Train

Doggy Style at the Park Bar has been fun and getting better each week. If you are wondering what you are missing here's a peek.

I found this Soul Train video about a year ago and discovered that if I played Madonna's "Hung Up" over it, it made a much more satisfying video than the official Madge version.

Plus who knew there were so many gay guys on Soul Train in the '70's?? Come on and vogue!


Raoul Duke said...

It seems like lots of Soul Train dancers were dancers/theater types. I thought about it a little bit and my theory is that there was about 50% more dancer/theater people around in the 70s.

I think this also explains the overdone "wandering band of mistrals" premise for at least a dozen 1970s musicals.

Anonymous said...

Big fuckin' deal, the Park Bar has decided to turn Tuesdays (a slow night in the bar business) into gay night - Let's nominate them for a PFLAG Award!!!

SupergayDetroit said...

The Park Bar decided nothing. We approached them and asked to do it on that night for very specific reasons.

Sundays they are busy with movie night.

Who wants to go out on a Monday?

Wednesday is "Latitude," the gay night at Atlas Global Bistro, and I didn't want to conflict with that.

Thursday is Pronto's big night, and Friday & Saturday have plenty of gay options.

So Tuesday it is.

By the way, Tuesdays may be a slow night in the bar business in general, but there really is no way to predict what nights will be slow at downtown bars. So this isn't a matter of Park Bar trying to exploit the gays for their sluggish Tuesdays. It was a matter of them giving us a venue to try something out and have a little fun. If it supports our friend's business, all the better!

SupergayDetroit said...

Raoul - I think 50% is an excellent estimate. That post-hippy creative self-expression resulted in some very entertaining kitsch thirty years down the road.

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