Monday, April 28, 2008

Guest Blogger: Woodward's Friend

It's time for another guest blog post from our pal, Woodward's Friend. This time around the story isn't specifically gay, but it's a nice downtown slice-of-life story and I think you'll see why I wanted to post it.

Dear Supergay,

I was at the RenCen Marriott for a meeting Friday, and so was the Benny Hinn revival. Benny Hinn (for those of you who don't know) is a faith healer. He's a rock star in the voodoo doll/witch doctor sects of Protestantism.

I'm on the elevator with a couple of true believers and some normal people when one of the Normals asks, "Who is Benny Hinn?" The True Believers - dressed in their finest Branson-chic couture - are shocked that someone is unaware of a man as great and Godly as Benny Hinn. A True Believer responds, "He's a very great man anointed by God."

No one says a word. What can one say to that? Our silence upset the True Believers, apparently, because the woman turns around and adds in a cold and angry voice, "Very anointed."

I doubt you Godless heathens knew that there are degrees of anointedness. I like to think of myself as having transactional anointedness. Glory be...

It's very weird coming face-to-face with the true believers of faith healing. One would think such an experience would humanize these people and create some empathy for them. I had the opposite reaction. These people are third-rate morons who deserve the fleecing they get from hacks like Benny Hinn. I don't wish to rationalize a rank conman like Hinn but Jesus H. Christ people, God gave you a brain and that God-given brain should be telling you that no one, let alone a guy in a tacky suit, can cure your gout with a thump on the forehead.

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Raoul Duke said...

I admit to watching WADL on Sunday afternoons, vacillating between horror and amusement.

Local kook, Jack Van Impe is a special favorite of mine with his skeleton wife Rexella. And then there's Ester Jungreis. Wow!

I think if I ran into true believers I'd try to sell them magic beans.

Anonymous said...

Before reading your post, Woodward's Friend, I had not heard of Benny Hinn. I suppose I've led a sheltered life in many ways. But since I'm still learning and open to new ideas, I googled "Benny Hinn."

All I can say is "WOW!" I've spent a good half hour reading about a world that is far removed from my life as I've known it for the past 60+ years. I especially liked reading about his prophesy that God was going to destroy the homosexual community in America by no later than 1995. I'm much relieved that we managed to dodge that bullet. Praise the Lord!

My personal favorite Detroit gay icon is Prophet Jones. He was truly a man of flamboyantly unique style. To me, nobody in today's televangelist movement is fit to hold the hem of his ankle-length, white silk lined, red velvet coat.

Woodward's Friend said...

If you like Benny Hinn, you'll love Peter Popoff.

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