Sunday, April 13, 2008

Subtlety Is Everything ... Except on Fabulon

I like to hoard my sources for cool shit and gay amusement. I prefer to keep this website the portal and mete it out in a miserly fashion, giving just enough to keep you checking in from time to time and wondering "where does he find this stuff?"

But today I am in a giving mood, so I am going to share a great gay website that is about three times more fun than this one and about seven times more fabulous. It is FABULON, a site featuring "A Galaxy of Glamour ~ Camp and Kitsch ~ Extreme Fabulosity ~ Divine Decadence ~ Delusions of Grandeur ~ Art and Artifice ~ the Sacred Feminine ~ the Gay Agenda." How can you stay away?

Well the truth is you cannot, because this is a website that contains frequent posts (they got me there) that are brief (and again) and witty (humor me on that one). Mostly just a photo and a quip, sometimes a little video. Recent posts feature Carol Channing and safety gays, the Pizzicato Five, handbags of the fifties and Bea Arthur. I know! Below is one of my fave recent entries. For maximum enjoyment, please pay extra close attention when viewing.

Somewhere on Fabulon ...

A new wig is being enjoyed.

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thombeau said...

Ooh, thanks for the wonderful write-up! We are linking you right NOW!

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