Friday, January 9, 2009

What the ... ?

OK, it's either bizarro Detroit or someone somewhere read a magazine article about the buying power of gays, because there are two random gay nights on the horizon here.

Firstly and most promising, there is a huge
drag show at the Majestic tonight! The Majestic Divas Present A Winter Wonderland! It is a show featuring Detroit's finest drag queens in an evening of female impersonation, comedy, dancing and more! In other words, a full on drag extravaganza!

While I might be skeptical of an event like this at the Majestic, which is one of the straighter venues in town overall, the list of performers leads me to believe this will be a really great night. Electra Lites, DeAngela "Show" Shannon, S'myra Skye Banks, Hershae Chocolatae, Cece Daniels, Tianna Rumbous, Misty Harrington and Gayla Grace.

From the queens I am familiar with in here and the names of the rest, I am betting on a performance from Detroit's premiere black queens, and that means realness and talent! I will see you there - a $10 cover is a steal!

Now in an interesting alternate, um, universe, the Hard Rock Cafe is starting a gay night. There are so many things wrong with that I can't even being to recount them. But I will point out two.

First of all, it's the Hard Rock Cafe. I don't know if anyone noticed, but "rock and roll" and "gay" don't really go hand in hand. Rock people don't really like gay, and gays don't really like rock.

Secondly, the Guerrilla Gay Bar that was held
at the Hard Rock was successful but the separation between the regular clientele of the Hard Rock and the gay guerrillas was distinct and glaring.

But ok, so here it is. Each Sunday there will be
Rockin' Out Detroit, a differently-themed gay night at Hard Rock! And the cover is only $10 (which includes a drink ticket)! This week's theme, 80's night. Because white people love an 80's night. I am going out on a limb and presume they won't do it quite like hipster Fierce Hot Mess or Sass does 80's.

I guess, you know, good for them? All I know is between
Doggy Style every week and a bi-monthly Fierce Hot Mess my gay ad-hoc social calendar is pretty exhausting.

So it may be weird that so many straight places are putting out feelers for the gay dollar, it is nice that it's all happening downtown! Too bad they don't know there are only 14 of us down here!

I love to try to do it all, but I'm realistic about my ability now that I'm getting so very old. But I'll tell you this: I can always make time for a drag show, so I hope to see you tonight!



Anonymous said...

Noticed this linked on a couple of national blogs, though the local connection was cool. Didn't know where to stick this, but thought it was apropos of your blog. Perhaps some readers can contribute.

Woodwards Friend said...

"I don't know if anyone noticed, but "rock and roll" and "gay" don't really go hand in hand."

Uhh...Little Richard?

SupergayDetroit said...

Anonymous, I think the "What the ...?" post is the perfect place to put that link!

Woodward's Friend, Little Richard is an ex-gay, which I think proves my point!

The Charlatan said...

"..."I don't know if anyone noticed, but "rock and roll" and "gay" don't really go hand in hand."

Uhh...Little Richard?..."

Freddy Mercury?

Rob Halford?

SupergayDetroit said...

Why are you guys trying to prove me wrong?

So you found three examples in all the history of rock, nice job. I still maintain that "gay" and "rock" go together about as well as "gay" and "sports." It happens, but it isn't common.

parker said...

To take that thought one step further: Rock and the Hard Rock Cafe don't even really go hand in hand.

Backintheday said...

I gotta tell you, that scene at the Majestic sounds like more fun than anything that's happened in L.A. over the last five years

Anonymous said...

It was the best drag show I've seen in a VERY long time.

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