Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Friend Indeed

I'm gonna ask all you blog readers to help me help a friend.

My friend Rose is the first person I came out to right after getting to college. She already had a gay friend from high school so I knew it was safe to tell her, and she let me hang in her room and read Maurice by E.M. Forster (before going to see the movie which had just been released, and seeing Barney Frank on the T on the way ... it was my first gay-ish weekend).

You can never really return the favor of someone listening to your stupid coming out angst, but here I am going to try.

Rose and her husband Dan have entered a contest to win a new scooter. The contest entails making a video based on this new microfiber map that Rand McNally came out with called FabMap. The idea is that you have a handy hanky with you all the time and when you get lost you can look at the map on it. They have them for many locations but NOT Detroit. I think the idea is that you use it for walking around, and Detroit is not a real walky place, you may have noticed.

Anyway, they need to get views and (hopefully) good ratings for their video to help them win. If it isn't too much trouble, why don't you watch this fun video about love in the city by the bay. And if you are really awesome, maybe you can register on the site and give the video a good rating! I did (and then promptly unsubscribed from e-mails).

Help me help Rose win a scooter so that karmically we can be equal!

Find more videos like this on I Never Get Lost


Anonymous said...

Done! Cute video. And good story, SuperGay.

Anonymous said...

We've always been karmically equal! -- you had no catching up to do! Thanks so much for your post! Hope to see you again soon-perhaps I'll be able to give you a ride on my new scooter!


N said...

Cute video and catchy tune.

Anonymous said...

Hey Supergaydetroit fans... We won the Rand McNally FabMap contest! For all those who viewed our video, THANKS! Rose

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