Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is the way the year ends

Not with a bang but a whimper.

Where did the month go? Did the holiday even happen? December was like triage this year, just jumping from one immediate concern to the next. I suppose its imminent conclusion is a bit of a relief.

Things were pretty exciting around here this fall, that is for sure, so I'm sorry for fizzling out this month. But overall this year was pretty great. Sure, there were Supergay stories that went untold. Missions unaccomplished. Travels and travails that have lost their timely relevance.

But we won that Metro Times thing again, and Doggy Style is a dog-gone good time every week (NOTE: this week it's DIY - I'm out of town! Have fun without me!).

I was extremetly heartened by all the interest aroused by the election fallout, and I hope the gay community here continues to increase its visibility. And I thank our straight friends for their great support too.

I'm not sure how the
Supergay Cultural Enhancement Program turned out, since I never even did my profile on the neighborhoods I thought had gay potential. Maybe in the new year? Also with no actual way to track the influx of gays into Detroit I can't give an estimate on whether or not we reached the magic number of 30. Anecdotally I know of at least four!

I am happy that the Supergay Media Infiltration Program has gone well, with a couple more pieces for Model D and the debut of an exciting new voice (me) on Detroit Public Radio's
Detroit Today (did I ever mention that my election piece made it into the Detroit Today Weekend program too? Exciting!)

On the personal front, despite
a rough summer I continue to enjoy my life in Detroit. The wonderful people I continue to meet really make this city the greatest I've ever inhabited, despite a lack of what many people commonly refer to as "amenities."

2009 will undoubtedly bring many changes. Certainly for SEMi, what with this whole auto industry thing going on. And personally, I'm turning forty this year, and that milestone has a number of big decisions attached to it. I can confidently predict that 2009 will be a much more interesting year!

As for now, I'm off to Palm Springs to see some of
those gay friends who moved away over the years. Maybe there will be something interesting to report, maybe not. All I know is that my liver will need a vacation from this vacation. And maybe this year will end with a bang AND a whimper!


K said...

Hey SuperGay -

I just found this blog a week or so ago and I can't stop reading it. Keep up the great work and congrats on all the accolades. I'm a former Detroiter who moved to Minnesota a few years back. My BFF moved to MN afterward and has since moved back to the D. He's continually trying to get me to move back, but I really like life here in the Twin Titties. It's a great, open, progressive town with a diversified economy. I know you love the D, but if you decide to look elsewhere, check out Minneapolis...

SupergayDetroit said...

Oh K! I did just check out Minneapolis ... at least, the 9 degree weather on my way to Palm Springs!

I've not been to MSP in years and years, but i hear wonderful things about it. I think if I were to leave Detroit, though, I'd be leaving the whole midwest.

I don't think Minneapolis is fucked up enough for me anyway.

Thank you for reading!

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