Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome Metro Times Readers!

Well kids, we did it again! SupergayDetroit won the Metro Times Readers Poll for Best Local Pop Culture Blog! Here's what they had to say:

The site may have stacked the deck just a tad by soliciting its readers to vote — not that there there's anything wrong with campaigning — but the site is still a total hoot, even for the hetero among us. Self-described as "documenting one upwardly mobile, 30-something man's fight to find the kind of gay life every good homo deserves. In Detroit," Supergay totally rocks. (And we're bettin' Sarah Palin would not approve!)

Stacked the deck indeed! What, I should sit around and wait for good things to happen? No! We are not like the rest of Michigan here at SupergayDetroit - we actually go out and work for our success! But the otherwise kind words are greatly appeciated!

And I do rock! Richard Florida even wrote that when he signed my copy of Who's Your City yesterday at the Creative Cities Summit!

So for all of you first-time visitors - and especially for returning readers -
here is a little video to give you an idea of what SGD is all about: pop-culture, humor, wasting time, drag and good production values. Oh, and the occasional NSFW (delicate ears may be offended).

Baby Got Front!

Oh and the Supergay Slate did pretty well - of 27 picks, 15 won. Better than the Tigers! (How do I even know that??) Check out the results here.

Thanks again everyone!


The Charlatan said...

Congratumafuckinlations on both wins!

And kudos to all Supergay Slate winners....

Woodwards Friend said...

Thank you Supergay for your wonderful Supergay Slate. Your political machine now rivals McNamara/Duggan. And you don't look like Clint Howard so that's a bonus.

SupergayDetroit said...

Thanks gang!! I really think it's a win for us all. And in the case of Woodward's Friend, it actually is!

And special thanks to "n." for the congratulatory flowers (via Blumz, also a winner on the Supergay Slate), they are VERY aethetically pleasing. And getting flowers is in my top five favorite things!

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