Saturday, October 25, 2008

My current obsession

I am currently obsessed with this video clip from the 1988 film "Book of Days" by experimental filmmaker/performance artist/musical pioneer Jane Child the evil Showgirl Meredith Monk.

Will the real Meredith Monk please stand up?

The internet has changed so much about life in the past fifteen years, sometimes in not so great ways (blogging comes to mind), but how in the world would I have found this otherwise?

Of course without the internet I probably wouldn't have been able to stay living in Michigan for this long and would be living the dream in New York or something, so I might have discovered it because I never lost my interest in going to weird arthouse films.

Who am I kidding, I definitely would have lost interest in that anyway. Thank God for the internet!

1 comment:

PortlyDyke said...

I found your blog because I love, love, love this film.

I'll be back to read more. Anyone who is obsessed with Meredith's "Book of Days" is OK in my book of days. ;)

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