Monday, October 27, 2008

Drag Queen Massacre

Oh there was an extra-special gay party this past weekend, masquerading as a benefit for the Ruth Ellis Center. The "Drag Queen Massacre at the Mansion" took place at the Siegel mansion in Boston-Edison and I didn't see anyone get massacred but I sure did see people get obliterated.

It was all the right kinds of right - cool invite, gorgeous historic mansion, everyone in costume, lots of drag and lots of skin, a great housekeeper who screamed at you if you set your drink down on anything (that was hilarious once I got over the shock!), 400 gallons of booze, amazing music (seriously) and all for a good cause. And since it was also the Detroit Guerrilla Queer Bar event for October there is a whole photo gallery for your viewing pleasure! You will love it. My mom sure did!

Congrats to the party organizers because that was one fabulous mess of a party!


1 comment:

David said...

didn't the mansion just sell to new people last summer? if so that's a hell of a housewarming. fantastic. nice to see some life in there.

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