Monday, October 20, 2008

The Detroit Homo Tour: Follow-up

A few people asked me to report back on the "LGBT & Friends Home Tour" of the neighborhoods in the 7 Mile-Livernois area, and I didn't forget. But I decided to spread the word a little further (and earn a little cash) by reporting back on it in Model D.

For a full report that is only slightly edited from what I'd post in my own blog, read here.

And as for what I left out of the Model D piece, take a gander at this:

You've got to climb Mount Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls ... or so I thought.



brentwelsh said...

Supergay are you stalking me? I was very surprised to see a picture of my partner and I walking into the Green Acres house in the Model D article. Great article though, it really summed up the event well. And yes, my partner and I are still very interested in moving to one of these neighborhoods, does anyone want a house in Ypsi so we can make that happen?

SupergayDetroit said...

You need to sell your house to someone from Ann Arbor, Ypsi is their new frontier!

Then you can move to Detroit, Ypsi's new frontier. I will introduce you to another couple who moved to Detroit from Ypsi, although judging from the photo you may already have met!

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