Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I should actually say Happy Gay Christmas!

What will you do tonight? I have no rundown of gay events, you're on your own. And I'm sure you'll do fine.

Me? I'll partake in my annual ritual of dressing up and tormenting trick-or-treaters at my friends' house in Grosse Pointe ("
What you is?"), and then I'm heading over to MoCAD for the Believin' party. It's put on by their "New Wave" group, which is like the DIA's Founders Junior Council for hipsters (they hate it when I say that).

Admission is only $5 with a costume, $10 without. Cash bar. 8:30pm onward. Lots of DJs. Costume contests & "Thriller" dance-off. Bats. MoCAD.

It will be great! I mean, who doesn't love a "Thriller" dance-off? Plus I hear the emcee is a freak.

Whatever you do, I hope it involves a lot of hair and make-up! Have fun!

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