Monday, October 13, 2008

Creative Cities Summit!

As none of you are probably aware, this week the Creative Cities Summit is being held at the Ren Cen Marriott. What is a Creative Cities Summit? Well, it is all on their website, but the reality of it is unclear. Here's what I do know.

First of all, all the people responsible for bringing you the Cool Cities concept will be there. "Creative Economy," "Creative Cities" and "Creative Class" will all be there. If someone nukes the Ren Cen today the entire concept will implode.

I also know that there will be a session on the role of Gays & Lesbians (and artists and immigrants) in economic development and the revitalization of cities.

And I know that I got to go free because I am Web 2.0 media. Hello media credentials!

But there are many questions ... like how much talk is too much talk? And (as an astute reader wrote in and suggested earlier this summer) is the drive to keep young people here really just a ploy by middle-aged parents to keep their kids near home? And is the creative economy really just a big circle-jerk like the Academy Awards?

Well, let's find out.


Woodwards Friend said...

So. Very. Jealous.

SFB said...

I was out of town for Monday and Tuesday, but I'm looking forward to Wednesday. Not sure what to expect, but looking forward.

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