Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If you liked it ...

... then you should have put a ring on it.

Macho City has turned out to be a great down-and-dirty disco dance party. The crowd is diverse and looking for sweaty good times. It's the R&R Saloon so you can take that however you want.

I like the Macho City vibe because I don't feel like the creepy old man watching the young hipsters dance to questionable 80s music like I do at Fierce Hot Mess sometimes. This isn't wedding disco either, it's the good underground stuff..

I enjoy Macho City, and I think you will like it too.

Macho City, this Saturday. 10pm until late. The R&R Saloon, 7730 Michigan Avenue, Detroit.


qemargie said...

Really questionable music at FHM? Come on Supergay?

Adriel said...

Wow. Well, thanks for the good word about Macho City. But Fierce Hot Mess is a great time. And I hardly think the music is "questionable". Different from Macho City, but still fun.

SupergayDetroit said...

Oh kids, did I say that Fierce Hot Mess is not fun? No I did not! I love it! But I do feel like Macho City is a better fit for someone like myself, someone who lived through 80s music the first time around.

The Critical Shopper in the New York Times wrote something about TopShop opening in NYC, and how it was the 80s on every floor.

The problem with fashion going Back to the Future of 1983 is that for some reason, the recrudescence of trends from any year tends to embrace the unhip and the clownish. It’s not what the cool people wore in 1983, but the Urkels, the Screeches, the Tiffanys, the hapless wannabes. These are cuts, prints and colors that I never liked on anyone, ever, for the simple reason that they look goofy, infantile and unflattering.

She goes on to conclude that the kids love it anyway, but that paragraph resonated with me. That is kind of how I feel when the young hipster kids haul out the 80s music sometimes. JUST sometimes, but us old folks at FHM get at least a few eyerolls in a night!

Macho City is a different kind of fun, but I love the effort made to find the musical gems of the period, the stuff I would have listened to had I had the good sense to go to a gay bar when I was 8 years old!

Adriel said...

Point taken. However, FHM isn't an 80's night. We play some 80's music, but the night is about multiple genres mixed together. I am glad to hear that you enjoy both. I think BOTH nights are a great alternative to the standard offerings in this town! Yay!!

Tae said...

Although the world of fashion and music have every close ties, and feeds out of each other. I feel it's completely different for a fashion designer to recreate and put there own twist to something from the 80's and compare it to playing a song from the 80's, and call it clownish. Also I'm pretty sure all of the DJ's of FHM lived though the 80's listening to same music as you and I.

SupergayDetroit said...

I know FHM is not an 80s night, and I can only say that the paragraph in Critical Shopper resonated enough that I saved that page of the paper so I could quote it later. That's a personal thing, but hey, it's my blog. And I am an astute observer of popular culture, according to my mom.

What I love about FHM when it is at its best is the real underground club feel.

I appreciate the fiery defense of Fierce Hot Mess! But living through the 80s as a 7 year old and a 17 year old are different things, I'm just saying!

What I want to point out here is that this wasn't a diatribe against FHM, it was a celebration of Macho City! Maybe I am just more the MC demographic, mbien?

Anonymous said...

Just because I don't have really have mushy stories or memories that go along with 80s music, doesn't mean that I don't love the 80s. and you know what, i am a detroit hipster and i go to fierce hot mess occasionally and i thought the music was one of the strongest points about the night. Just because you all old n shit doesn't mean you got shit on me musically.

and speaking of which, check who is DJing at mc this saturday and check his credentials.

matt said...

Macho City is great! I haven't been to FHM, so I can't comment on that part of your post but I have been to MC and agree completely. It's a fun, diverse crowd and the music is exceptional.

Hope to see you there!

Jeremy said...

I would not even heard about this blog if it wasn't for seeing it on the FHM page!

Anonymous said...

Hey Folks. This is Mike from Macho City. I just want to clear something up before this gets ugly(er). Macho City and Fierce Hot Mess are completely intertwined and support eachother 100%. Adriel (creator/promoter of FHM) is a partner of Macho City (just check out the Fresh Corp logo on each and every Macho City flyer) and I in turn promote FHM to the fullest. To the extent that the guest DJ this Saturday at Macho City is none other than Andrew (aka DJ Dre), one of the main resident DJ's at Fierce Hot Mess.

I don't want this to become a Macho City vs. Fierce Hot Mess argument. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding their nightlife preferences but keep in mind that MC and FHM are one in the same. The music and venues might be slightly different but the faces are familiar. And thankfully so!

The "informed" gay scene in Detroit is way too small to argue or nitpick. We need to support eachother's events, blogs, parties, venues, etc. I know that Macho City and Fierce Hot Mess back eachother up completely and I hope to see all of you out this Saturday and then again at the Fierce Hot Mess anniversary party on July 3rd at Oslo.

Thank you.

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