Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Tinder Box

Wow, who knew the anger (well, irritation) that bubbled beneath the surface in Detroit's little indie gay scene? My off-hand quip about Fierce Hot Mess in my last post upset a lot of people! Check out the comments section if you don't believe me.

I would like to clarify a bit - that comment was intended as a joke about how old I am, not about how fun Fierce Hot Mess is not. That sentence was painting a picture of a very specific situation - me, hearing a song I've already lived through and whose charm is now lost on me, watching a bunch of kids half my age dance around to what is for them a golden oldie. As I've expressed to Adriel, the FHM organizer, a number of times, sometimes I just feel kind of old when I'm there. I do not feel that way at Macho City. That was my point.

What more ringing endorsement could a club night have than some 40-year old guy feels old when he's there? That should get the kids lined up 'round the block!

Man, nobody objected to me calling myself old and creepy, but God forbid I question a musical choice at Fierce Hot Mess. I'm tearing down Detroit's whole cool gay scene!

Lest anyone forget the love I have lavished on Fierce Hot Mess, let me remind you:

Announcing Fierce Hot Mess!

They're playing Sylvester at FHM this month.

I think Andy Warhol said it best ...

Back from San Fran and ready for more Mess

Fierce Hot Mess goes Bi

The upstart competition doesn't rate

A night out to revitalize the soul

I love my indie gay nights/introducting Macho City

Fierce Hot Mess in the Supergay Slate for 'Best of Detroit'



matt said...

As a frequent reader of your blog and a fellow oldie myself, I completely understood what you were saying. Regardless, I'm thrilled to see such a response! It's proof that Detroit nightlife still has a pulse despite all the talk of this town being dead.

Anonymous said...

I understand what was trying to be said, but I just wanted to point out to use your word the "questionable" choices of words., and how others perceptions of that statement may come off. Hope all is well, and hopefully see you at Macho City.

Kelly Pink-O said...

I decided to stay out of the comment fest of the previous post because I figured things would be clarified. Thank you Supergay for being a supporter of our night (Fierce Hot Mess). I also think it is great that there was a rather Fierce response to the last post!

I feel as if Adriel, Dre, and I all have pretty good 80s, techno, and house credentials and I don't think Supergay was questioning that.

What is really great is the sublime effect that music can have on people regardless of age (of person or song). Take the recent passing away of Michael Jackson and the youth response to that. There are plenty of 20-somethings crying on youtube videos and a swarm of people made Twitter crash.

Anyway, Fierce Hot Mess and Macho City are both great nights and we have mutual love for each other.

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