Monday, July 28, 2008

Fiercer. Hotter. Messier.

I was talking to a friend this weekend about this whole feeling disconnected thing I have going on lately, and part of it seems to stem from difficulty finding "my people" in Detroit. "Sometimes, I just want someone else to play Sylvester," I said.

'Lo and behold, the next day in my gmail I have a message from DJ Kelly Pink-O reminding me about the second installment of
Fierce Hot Mess, the new gay monthly dance party held at Oslo. He said, to my delight, "you can bet i'll be playing some sylvester/patrick cowley classics." How did he know??

I was out of town for the first one but I'm looking forward trying this one on for size. Fierce Hot Mess. This Saturday [correction, Friday. "Thanks Ed."], August 1, 10pm at
Oslo. A sloppy dirty good time for only $5.

Whoa. Someone got sucker-punched by Tinkerbelle.


1 comment:

Ed said...


Tinkerbelle's punch has left your eyesight askew. August 1st is Friday, not Saturday. Straighten your headband and we'll see you there.

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