Monday, July 28, 2008

The old 'hood

I've mentioned here and there how the Palmer Park neighborhood used to be the old gay 'hood back in the 70's and 80's (and better yet, readers have chimed in with additional info). Recently I came across this flickr photoset with pictures of the buildings in that area.

There are some really sensational buildings in that McNichols/Woodward area. If you can't make the drive through yourself - and with summer in full bloom there's no better time - then this will be a nice substitute.

View the photoset here


Backintheday said...

Oh SupergayDetroit, you know how to trigger the memories. Detroit was never Chicago or New York in the 1970s-80s but Palmer Park felt like it a bit. Rents were cheap for really big, cool apartments that were within walking distance to and from the bars. We'd meet up at a friends for drinks before walking over to Gaygen's and later Menjos. then walk back home after the bars with a new friend if things went well! Even in those days it wasn't exactly safe (there were incidents) but we braved it anyway. Thanks my friend for the tour.


Anonymous said...

The white stucco apartment building is one of the few in Detroit to consist of, for the most part, duplex apartments.

jdg said...

jesus, palmer park makes ferndale look like. . .fuck man: I can't even think about what ferndale looks like it's so depressing after going through that set. what the fuck gays! what the fuck? fuck!

I drove through the area the other day and was so impressed to see buildings like this occupied when there are so many like them ruined and awaiting demolition over in dexter/linwood.

is there still a gay community here at all?

SupergayDetroit said...

OK here's what is HYPER appalling ... it appears that the gay community is now shifting from Ferndale to ... wait for it ... Hazel Park.


I mean, why not gentrify Warren, with all its charming housing stock.

I wanted to vomit when I first heard this. Actually, I still do. WTF is the problem with those suburban faggots?

Anonymous said...

maybe you can address this in another post, but i always assumed all of us gays would stop at nothing to get their hot little hands on cheap, doable real estate - f--k danger. that's how it works in most cities in this country - i was so surprised to see that's not the case in Detroit. depressing. i'm moving in anyway in the fall.

i'm not asking for a world-class gay district, i'm just asking for a few gays to Butch the F*ck up and do their bit to bring back at least a part of this city.

signed, a gay that refuses to acknowledge ferndale because the name is too full on gay and also, it is a suburb, so bite me, although you would probably enjoy that, in which case, don't.

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