Friday, July 24, 2009

Come On and Do It

A last-minute reminder for all of you - Macho City is on again this Saturday!

(This is not the official flyer, this is just what I see in my head when I think of Macho City.)

I would have reminded you sooner but I had an unwelcome distraction earlier in the week in the form of my brother going on a Fox News bender and sending drunk texts ranting about Obama and tax increases ("I'm sick of your gay agenda. Obama sucks and is going to ruin your family. Hope your (sic) happy."). Some people find it hard to get by on a couple hundred g's a year I guess.

Anyway, after all that crap you can bet I'll be getting my gay agenda on Saturday night! There is a super-special guest this month, Clone Records artist Nancy Fortune who is here all the way from Europe just to play Macho City! Because that is how cool Detroit is around the world, they are lining up to play at the R&R Saloon!

In case you hadn't heard, Macho City just keeps getting better and better. Last time I had to leave at 2am for an early-morning departure to Chicago Pride and the place was packed and going strong into the late-night hour. The music was tremendo too! And as we've established, I'm hyper-critical on that kind of thing.

See you Saturday night at the R&R! $3 cover (price increase to keep out the riff-raff I guess) gets you one free drink! Action starts at 10pm so don't be late! Dirty disco upstairs, dirty hookers downstairs!

R&R Saloon, 7330 Michigan Avenue (between Livernois & Wyoming), Detroit.

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DJ Bruce said...

Hey dude...I just discovered your blog. Lived in Metro Detroit until this past spring. You're fucking hilarious! Anyways the party at the R & R sounds fabulous, too bad I'm in Tampa.
DJ Bruce Devery

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