Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Westward Ho

There is an extra fun gay event this weekend and it's not Macho City!  Macho City has been scuffling with the R&R over sound system details, so they have canceled this month's event and will be celebrating their big One Year Anniversary in April with something undoubtedly amazing. 

Your Saturday night has another great option though, the One Year Anniversary extravaganza of Elbow Deep in Ypsi, which has the Macho City endorsement as the place to be this Saturday!  Read on for details...

Every once in a while I like to get out of Detroit and head west to Washtenaw County for a break from the routine.  Having lived in Ann Arbor for so many years, it sometimes feels like being home even more than Detroit does, although with the changes downtown has seen since I left (those awful LED street lamps!) and the fact that most of my friends have moved away too, it's really more a case of going to back to visit some of my favorite haunts.

This past December I was flying solo one Saturday evening, so I zipped out to Ann Arbor for a brilliant dinner at Eve.  Eve is, hands-down, my favorite restaurant in the world (which is not to slight some of my other favorite places including Atlas in Detroit or Cafe Zola in A2), and when I am feeling like I deserve a break today, Eve is where I go.

This particular visit was notable in part because Ari, the bartender who bought the greatest thing I ever sold at a yard sale back in the day (a large crushed red velvet bordello-chic hanging light fixture), was so attentive with the wine tastings, and also because I saw another celebrity there. 

This guy was walking toward the door as I was getting situated and he was literally so good-looking I was craning my neck to get a better look at him, and Ari goes, "Stare much?"  And I was like, "Who is that guy?" And he said "Clive Owen."  And suffice to say he is even better-looking in person.  Possibly because he was smiling and laughing instead of brooding, and is pretty tall.  Holy crap.

Anyway, following that brilliant portion of the evening I headed over to Ypsilanti's Elbow Room for a special Saturday night edition of Elbow Deep

I am kind of obsessed with Ypsilanti, and Elbow Deep is an Ypsi queer monthly put on by my pals Dave & Kurt, or as they are professionally known Push/Pull Productions and DJ Humanfly.  Elbow Deep is usually a Tuesday night affair, and my Doggy Style obligations had prevented me from attending before this.

Elbow Deep (or in this holiday instance, Noel-bow Deep) is a super fun dance party, but it's also got fantastic visual displays created for each event and drag performances by the House of Chanel!  It makes for a full-featured gay night out on the town with the kind of eclectic crowd you'd expect:  some college kids, some Ypsters, some older guys, some straight folks, some grrrrrls, some twinks.  But you know Ypsi has its own brand of cool, so maybe a few style touchstones will help define it for you:  think sideburns and coonskin caps and leopard print and pink hair and flannel.  All on the same person.  OK not really.  But super cool, and boy I love a gay crowd switch-up!

Anyway, I had a great time AND I got turned onto a great fun song that I subsequently played at Doggy Style:

This month Elbow Deep is once again on a Saturday night, and they are getting a little Detroit Love in the form of Special Guest DJ Super G (that's me) and the comedy stylings of Robert M. Nelson!  Robert and I are taking our show on the road to Ypsi!

Robert, you may recall, had the crowd in stitches at the Astro Coffee Talent Show (another recap is up here), and I did what was hailed as a "passable" and "innocuous" DJ set at Macho City last fall!  The Elbow Room is a great bar (Concentrate media gave it some love here).  And there seems to be a growing contingent of Detroit gays set to descend on the Elbow Room (map) this Saturday for a groovy time.

Me, Robert, Mike from Macho City, Dave and Kurt all hope you can make it out for the big celebration!  That's like 90% of the people defining the alternative gay scene in SE Michigan currently save Adriel and Darren at Atlas, and they're talking about coming too, I just didn't ask if I could have an endorsement!  See you Saturday!


Miss Cindy Elmwood said...

Cafe Zola! Wow, I loved that placed too when I lived there. (I remember the turkish eggs.) I'll have to go back soon, and maybe try this Eve place as well.

Oh alright, and I will probably check out Elbow Deep on Saturday.

Miss Cindy Elmwood said...

Oh, and nice candy canes.

Stephan said...

As I've said before: Where Robert M. Nelson goes, I go.

Miss Cindy Elmwood said...

Sorry to keep commenting, but I just clicked on the Rasputin link. Fantastic song! Might be where Lady Gaga got her Ra-Ra-Ra Russian shtick in Bad Romance from. And I enjoyed the indifferent guests sitting at the dinner tables in the video.

SupergayDetroit said...

Don't be sorry to keep commenting! I love it! And I love that song too!

Good catch on the Ra-Ra-Ga-Ga connection, you are not the first person to speculate on that!

Interesting story about Boney M - they were produced by the same guy who ended up creating Milli Vanilli a decade later, and they were actually mostly lipsynch performers also. That didn't stop them from becoming hugely popular in Europe, but it's funny when he repeated the formula later the lipsynching was a huge issue when discovered.

I guess Expose said it best ... seasons change, feelings change.

Miss Cindy Elmwood said...

Darnit, I've had this Rasputin video in heavy rotation today, I am hooked! Love the guy's dancing. The ridiculous spoken-word bit in the middle makes me laugh every time too.

Ah yes, Milli Vanilli. Maybe the grammy for a lip-synching group was too much for the public to swallow. Kind of ridiculous that they won the grammy in the first place. Well, they were no Boney M at any rate!

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