Thursday, October 7, 2010

Home Slice

Judging from the amazing events I've been attending lately, it's high season for Detroit's downtown society.  And things are only heating up!

MoCAD, Detroit's contemporary art museum, is known as much for their events as they are for their cutting-edge exhibitions.  Lord knows I've had my good times there.  As someone who has worked on his fair share of non-profit art events, I can tell you it isn't easy to keep them interesting, fun and well-attended. But MoCAD has always exceeded expectations.

Well, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, here they go again.

This Friday?  Go to Home Slice, their big benefit that features the best of the local food movement, the best local chefs, the best local artists and more than likely the best local crowd you'll have seen in forever.  And I gauge this because I looked at the back of the invite and saw the most comprehensive who's who benefit committee I've ever seen.  I was even impressed to find myself on the list!  I thought I was just adding a little creative touch to the event styling.

If you love to mix up a little trouble, get yourself in a sticky jam or suck on a local pickle then I recommend you buy your ticket tout de suite.  It looks like it'll be the event of the season.  Tickets are only $75 (or $85 if you aren't a MoCAD member ... and why aren't you?) but do note because this is a fundraiser there is a cash bar (with Michigan libations and artisinal cocktails). Open bar can get expensive, especially for a bunch of heavy indulgers like you guys.

Oh, and don't forget to mark your calendars for the MoCAD Halloween Party on October 30, put together by the extra cool New Wave committee!  More to come on that for sure!

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