Friday, October 8, 2010

I never meta promo I didn't like

Sometimes, when you take a chance and work really hard you get long-deserved recognition for your singular efforts.  And sometimes you just hit the town, make a bunch of alcohol-impaired gaffes and meet the right people.

You have to date me to find out all my secret tricks, but suffice to say something I did landed me a spot in this month's HOUR Detroit magazine in an article about Detroit's most popular blogs!  I was very excited (although my parents somewhat less so). Turn to page 52 in the current issue for the rundown on the best of the Detroit blogosphere.  I am sure some of the URLs will be familiar.  If you aren't local, you can get the bones of the feature here.

Thanks to Superfriends Alexa Stanard for the wonderful prose and Cybelle Codish for indulging my whims in a fantastic photoshoot.  And much thanks to the folks at HOUR Detroit who (despite their suburban home base) have been amazingly supportive of all my endeavors in Detroit, as well as the efforts of so many of my friends and fellow entrepreneurs.

A blog post about a magazine article about that same blog ... I don't even know for sure how to use "meta" in a sentence but I think I can get away with using it here!


mark said...

Congrats! A well deserved honor.

Miss Cindy Elmwood said...

Congrats! Kind of neat that you got the fun photoshoot out of the deal too.

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