Friday, March 7, 2008

The Gay Blogroll Expands

It's very exciting that we're coming up on one full year here at SupergayDetroit - only two weeks away! What's even more exciting is that FINALLY there is an expansion in the voice of the gay community in metro Detroit on the internets.

Real quick-like let's review a few additions to the gay blog scene:

Detroit Guerrilla Queer Bar website has been around for years - really it was the first non-corporate Detroit-centric gay presence on the World Wide Web. In the past year it had a total revamp, and now it's not only a gay Detroit social life portal, it's a blog and a forum and a photo gallery featuring your next internet date!

PrideSource, the publishers of
Between the Lines, have finally tapped into this whole new "blogger" phenomenon. In December they launched a blog that comments on ... well, I'm not sure. It maybe seems a little bit like a blog written by someone who gets a lot of press releases in his/her email inbox. But shit, I found out on there that the True Colors tour is actually coming to Metro Detroit this time around, so it can't be all bad!

Even newer is the
Michigayn blog, which looks to review gay bars and nightclubs in SE Mich. I only found out about it from an email forwarded to me about an exciting survey. They are new, but I like their writing style. Maybe they will end up being awesome.

Also new and not explicitly gay (but LORD gay-friendly) is the
D-Tales blog. Billed as a Detroit gossip blog the author invariably finds herself surrounded by her gays or trying to get to Doggy Style at the Park Bar. Funny in many ways. And a little wordy. The current "After 5" post could be considered a highlight.

Here's hoping these sites bloom and grow into distinct voices that contribute to the visibility of the gay community in our sometimes-backward (sometimes! ROTFL!!!) region.


D-Tales said...

Thanks for the nod, SG! (I'm just ashamed I didn't get to seeing it sooner--my "self-involved" bad...

endim mawess said...

I am brazilian of amazon and love detroit city, interesting me a gay perspective of the city. your blog is very cool.

Christopher said...

Hello all. Just perusing some local bloggers in the area. I'm in livonia, and at -

Take care!

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