Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You are ... Gold

If you haven't discovered it yet, MOCAD events are always a good time for a fun-lovin' gay guy or gal.

Their opening party back in the fall of '06 was possibly one of the best parties I've been to in Detroit - definitely Top Five. It drew a crowd that was eclectic and cool from all over SE Michigan - moneyed Oakland County types, Ann Arbor intelligencia, Detroit hipsters. You had your techno undergrounders, your junior achievers, your party scenesters and of course, lots and lots of gays.

Subsequent events have been smaller but equally diverse and always entertaining. There was a performance art gig by
Pat Oleszko there one night that was NUTS and ended with an "Emperor's New Clothes" piece ripping on Bush with Ms. Oleszko spraying red, white and blue paint out of her mouth onto a naked man marching in place wearing W mask. It was a little heavy-handed in that old school New York performance art way, but RIVETING, and not just because some dude's schwantz was flapping around for ten minutes.

The greatest thing about MOCAD is that they exist to push boundaries and they aren't afraid to apply that to their events. They also appeal to an edgier crowd than someplace like the DIA might, and their overhead isn't crazy high so they can have a much more affordable ticket price for events.

This Saturday they are hosting
Gold, their first event thrown by the New Wave group, "a MOCAD committee designed to share a common dedication to the arts in Detroit with new audiences." So sort of their young professionals group, although maybe young UNprofessionals group is a better way to put it since there are a lot of hip Detroit entrepreneurial types involved who probably would resent being tagged yuppies. Anyway, lots of hip in that group, and notably some gay representation in there as well!

There's no way this event won't be great and there's no way it won't be swarming with homosexualists. I highly recommend you check it out. Seriously, the entertainment will be local bands covering pop songs from the '80's, how can you go wrong? Show up early because these things can get packed and noisy by later in the evening.

For your enjoyment today, I present the one song they would be crazy to exclude from their playlist:
"Gold" by Spandau Ballet. It was the first thing you thought of when you found out they were playing 80's covers too, right?

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Raoul Duke said...

That video is awesome. I'm not even sure I remember that song but it sort of embodies the gayness of the 80s.

Your taste in super-gayness is fantastic!

I think that vibe sort of seeped into a lot of music of the era. Is it actual gayness or is it some other undefinable thing?

what is that vibe exactly?

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