Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Just recovering from a busy and amazing weekend featuring a visit from those San Fran best friends, showing them the best we have to offer and educating them about the rest. Obviously it was exhausting.

I wanted to take a moment to point out that if you have been as worked up as I have about the trouble the automotive industry has been having getting 1/70 the assistance Wall Street is getting no-questions-asked, then you should read what
Sweet Juniper has to say. Some really great perspective, first here, then even better here.

And while I'm prepping for
Doggy Style at the Park Bar tonight, you can get a perspective other than my own unbiased one from D-Tales. And I have no idea whom she is talking about in that post, I swear.

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Matt said...

Many thanks for the links to Sweet Juniper's posts. The lack of compassion for our plight here in Detroit from both coasts has been seriously disturbing and these posts really put things in perspective.

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