Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Lafayette Parkness

As if being home to three of Detroit's top blogs (formerly four, detroitist is a quitter) weren't enough, Lafayette Park also enjoys a significant love from the print media. A great piece in Detroit Home last year featured a young family (who could that be?) and the Wall Street Journal did a great piece in their "Masterpiece" column last December.

The latest is a
cover story in this month's Dwell magazine, featuring Friends of Supergay Keira Alexandra and Toby Barlow and their fab townhouse!

Actually Toby blogs for the Huffington Post, so I guess that makes LP home to four top bloggers. Maybe there are more I don't even know about - fess up!

Anyway - long story short, love LP. Sometimes I feel like living here is the happiest thing about my life in Detroit.


Woodwards Friend said...

Sometimes I mobile blog when I take the dog to play in Lafayette Park on the weekend. Does that still count?

The Charlatan said...

No, it doesn't.

I really miss LP.

Nothing like it down here.


Awesome for Toby and Keira!

jdg said...

just wait until Simply Fashions opens up in the shopping center supergay.

at that point this will be paradise on earth.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Glad to see Dwell get out of its comfort zone. I stopped reading it because I was tired of seeing nothing but newly built condos and architect designed homes. Some of us modern lovers actually enjoy living in older buildings and you can't get any cooler than a LP townhouse. Nice!

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