Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When the going gets tough, the tough do it Doggy Style

If I'm going to engage in all this gay political stuff then I need to have a little gay fun too. So I'm starting up Tuesday Nights Doggy Style at the Park Bar again!

If you missed Doggy Style last year you can read about its genesis
here, and see all Doggy Style-related posts from last winter here. Essentially it's a "gay-er" night at the Park Bar where gay folks with a downtown sensibility meet up for music that's more finely attuned to a gay ear and a curated video program that is kind of new music / old music / production number / drag queen / camp. Or whatever else I find.

She big.

We went on hiatus for summer, but we are long overdue for some more good ol' downtown gay camaradarie. So get your friends and come on down! And stop by after the Madonna concert, if you're going!

The Park Bar is located at 2040 Park Avenue, right behind the Fillmore (formerly State) Theater, near Comerica Park. There's no sign, but it's the bar right on the corner of Park & Elizabether with the huge windows.

It all starts up next Tuesday, November 18. Arrive starting at 8:30, videos start at 9:30. You'll be home in bed by 11:30, not bad for a school night.

So see you next Tuesday! And every Tuesday after that until May! Yay!

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