Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fun for the whole "family"

So a few years ago my (dear, departed) gay friend Kelly Green (a former Miss) invited me to go see ABBA. "ABBA!" I thought! How exciting! Although I'd read of a possible reunion, I had no idea they were actually touring. Are you sure? Yes? Fantastic, let's go!

So we take the interminable trek up to Pine Knob/DTE Energy Music Theater and as we approach I notice there are remarkably few cars there, given it was to be an full-on ABBA reunion concert ...

Flash forward 20 minutes when we snuggle into our remarkably close-to-the-stage seats and an ABBA tribute band strolls out and starts performing. I was not amused. For long.

It ended up being the full-on funnest concert I'd been to in forever, and despite being a little too close to the stage (e.g. being able to see the shitty wigs on the guys), it felt just like seeing ABBA in person. Totally fun! I could not imagine why the place was not swarming with fags, it truly had more gay potential than it showed that night, and certainly more than anything I'd been to in the metro Detroit area up to that point.

Well guess what? The ABBA tour is coming back through this Saturday! I can honestly recommend the show wholeheartedly. It costs a penny ($10 lawn seats) and totally transports you back to a time when a sequined butterfly-print tunic was completely normal attire.

There are couple great things going on this weekend, but if this remotely interests you, I say go for it. So. Much. Fun!

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