Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Metro Times tells it like it T-I-S

June is Gay Pride Month! Exciting, right? June gets this distinction because it was in June that the Stonewall Riots transpired in Greenwich Village back in '69. What a great year for that to happen.

It's kind of nice that we get Pride events, even though I rarely go to the local one (which is very remiss of me). The bigger events in cities like Chicago, New York, San Fran, etc are really quite a party, with big parades and all that crazy excess you see in those videos about the gay agenda produced by the religious right. Personally I am glad our community steps out there to wave its freak flag from time to time. No shame, no apologies. Because if mainstream America cannot at the very least tolerate drag queens and dykes on bikes, then they really aren't tolerating you either, Bobby Butch. Whatsoever you do to the least of my sisters, or something like that.

In recognition of Gay Pride Month the Metro Times came out with an issue dedicated to the topic. Opinion, features, music and the arts were all gay-related topics, it was a very cool idea and very well executed. Good job kids!

The best part of the feature, and the one I was prepared to hate, was the article by Wendy Case called "Affirming Ferndale: How a once-faltering suburb became a hub for gay community." Aside from the fact that her piece started out about exactly the same as my piece for Model D ("Where the Gays Are"), it evolved into a really comprehensive and thoughtful examination of why Ferndale has the gay community and Detroit doesn't.

It's a great piece and a highly-recommended read. It hits all the right notes, and to my extreme joy called out Kwame Kilpatrick for his negligence to the gay community. I wish there were some coverage of the gay community that does exist in Detroit, but they're just telling it like it is.


Anonymous said...

The gay scene in Ferndale is nothing but a lie fabricated by its city planners to distinguish itself from other blue coller inner ring suburbs. It's nothing more than a facade of a gay scene that simply doesn't exist. I've found the gay scene in Detroit to be much richer and without city planners artificially propping it up.

As for KK, he's not only apologized for his anti gay comments and attended Hotter than July, he's hired several gay people to his staff. But people will beleive whatever they want to beleive.

Perhaps you haven't found the gay scene in Detroit to be all that fullfilling is because everyone finds you to be annoying.

SupergayDetroit said...

You are probably right about the annoying part.

If you take a look at this blog, especially the very first post, you will see that I am no huge fan of the Ferndale phenomenon. However when faced with the fact that practically every gay person I know either lives or socializes in that area, and the fact that they do in fact give the gay community lip service, I am forced to acknowledge that Ferndale is the gay hub of metro Detroit.

As for Kwame, I'm a fan on other levels, but I'm sorry, apologizing for a verbal gay bashing, attending Hotter than July in an election cycle, and then hiring a few gay staffers does not a pro-gay politician make. He's a democrat, he has to do that shit (which is remarkably little given he's a second-term mayor).

Gay life in Detroit can be rich, that's the point of this blog, trying to find that. But don't excuse the fact that it can be lacking on the fact that I am annoying.

Maybe I just have higher standards than you do.



SupergayDetroit said...

Oh and PS, your shallow logic and conspiracy-theory histrionics give me a pretty good idea of who you are, anonymous posting notwithstanding. You've got pretty big ovaries calling *me* annoying.

Say hi to the kids at DetroitYes for me!

Anonymous said...

Higher stangdards also include knowhing that "i" comes before "e" except after c.

SupergayDetroit said...

I love you anonymous #2.

Anonymous said...

love the blog. Noticed this letter to the editor in today's Metro Times. looks like Anon #1 used your blog for the rough draft....

Ferndale not gay

In response to your article about "Affirming Ferndale: How a once faltering suburb became a hub for gay community",

I've found the entire notion as Ferndale being metro Detroit's center of gay culture and activity to be a complete fabrication by Ferndale city planners. When I first moved to this region about six years ago, I was quickly pressured to move to Ferndale, as that was where all the gays apparently were. At the time it appeared to be somewhat true with gay hot spots like Temple and Cobalt. But when I bought my house I found it odd that there was only one gay peson on my entire block. Most others were blue-collar NASCAR types (very ungay). Further, I found that most gay businesses seem to struggle in Ferndale, mostly because there aren't enough gays to support them. Boutique clothing stores pop up and disappear, furniture stores come and go, all aimed at the facade of a gay community that simply isn't there. All the gay hype in Ferndale appears to be masterfully crafted by their city planners in hopes of distinguishing Ferndale from other blue-collar inner ring suburbs that are struggling to find their identity.

It's unfortunate that Metro Times and other media are trying to prop up a gay scene in Ferndale that simply doesn't exist, when a very real and thriving gay scene in Detroit chugs along quite successfully, if mostly ignored by the media. —Jordan Medeiros, Detroit

Jordan...really...tell us again how much you hate ferndale.

SupergayDetroit said...

Look, I just want to know where this alleged "very real and thriving gay scene in Detroit" is.

Gay couples hosting dinner parties for other gay couples doesn't really qualify, and I'm not sure what else he could be talking about.

Sure, there is a gay population in Detroit, but a gay "scene?" Not convinced, and of course no substantiation is provided.

Anonymous said...

Diffent strokes for different fokes. If the facade of a gay community is what your after then I'm sure you'll love Ferndale. There is a few gay bars and gay stores selling lube and stuff, but behind the commercial strip on nine mile, it is mostly white trash. And the Ferndale community newsletter filled with anti gay this and that every week from the blue collar folks not so happy about their community being labeled fashionable or gay or whatever. The few gays I met while I lived in Ferndale were lame. All they did was complain about Michigan and talk about their plans to move to Chicago, not too much unlike this blog. If thats your idea of a scene, enjoy.

SupergayDetroit said...

Look, I realize you are very set in your ideas about Detroit, but I think you need to take your comments about "different strokes for different fokes (sic)" to heart.

First of all, please don't confuse my holidng up good examples from other cities (Chicago, SF) as hating Detroit. However I think one of Detroit's biggest problems (in particular in the gay community) is a complete absence of standards. People here really need to expect better.

Secondly, if you think Ferndale's old guard blue collar conservatives are bad, maybe you should take a look at the African American churches in the CoD. You have to at least acknowledge that Ferndale's city government gives the gay community an ear and a welcome. Detroit's city government can't even give us that for fear of being booted out of office in the next election.

I guess ultimately I can't understand why you keep calling Ferndale a facade of a gay community when an empirical comparison with Detroit so clearly shows us coming up behind (and not in a good way). And I have yet to hear you define the thriving gay scene you see in this city.

Just because I say Detroit needs improvement doesn't mean I hate it. It means I'm making an honest assessment, and trying to identify areas where I can make a difference. Instead of burying your head in the sand, why don't you try to do the same?

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