Friday, August 15, 2008

Do the Shake

I love the Village People for their totally subversive gay agenda in 70's/80's America - an agenda that is still alive today in places like wedding dancefloors and the front of downtown Detroit's YMCA.

I also love them because they are awesome and they sing songs with lyrics like "I'm a cruiser" and "Women .... we love women" (and then proceed to name the women they love: Judy, Donna, Diana, Jackie, Zsa Zsa, Barbra, Liza, Lucy, Carol ... "they are women, yeah women."). Oh did I mention these two songs are in a medley?

So they are fun and who can blame straight America for loving them. But they are really gay. As you can witness in this Doggy Style fave, a clip from their movie "Can't Stop the Music." Believe it or not, parts of this were actually used as milk advertisements on TV.

Somehow knowing that Nancy Walker directed this movie makes all the sense in the world.

You'll be singing this all day ... chocolate, vanilla, strawberry yeah.

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