Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Referral

With everything that's going on with Kwame right now, there doesn't seem like much I can blog about without seeming like I've got my head in the sand.

However, right now I kind of prefer to keep things on the lighter side. And I also like to acknowledge that I've enjoyed some Kwame over the years, so the way things have fallen apart is a little ... disappointing. Although, you know, I could live without the arrogance and (alleged) corruption, not to mention race-baiting.

And I guess I have actually been keeping my head in the sand, so I am going to refer you to a blog that is doing a very entertaining and informed job of covering things, Detroitist.

Detroitist is actually blogged by our good friend and guest blogger Woodward's Friend. His daily "State of the State" posts are routinely entertaining, intelligent and snarky. And brief. Just what you want in a political blog.

Definitely check him out for coverage of all the local goings-on. Whether you agree or disagree with his point-of-view, you'll have to acknowledge it's a great read.

Do you think last night went anything like this?



darren said...

big talk, rat bag. big talk.

SupergayDetroit said...

I told you they'd be fun to watch.

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