Tuesday, August 5, 2008

OK that was weird ...

Someone I know was just mentioned in the The Andy Warhol Diaries.

It really is a small gay world.


Backintheday said...


I've always meant to read those diaries. Maybe now you've inspired me. I imagine they mention Taylor Mead. He was in some of Warhol's early films and always played an insipid, mincing, queen. What a character !He is from a prominent Grosse Pointe family (descendants of the Algers whose home is now the GP War Memorial) and got the hell out early on. I suppose he would have been quite the embarrassment back in the sixties.

SupergayDetroit said...

Taylor Mead only makes a few appearances in the Diaries, but back on my big Warhol kick in the late '80's I remember learning about him (in "Edie," I think).

The Warhol Diaries start in the late 70's. They aren't exactly the most fascinating read as individual entries, but taken on the whole you get a real feel for what was going on then, the celebrity culture of NYC at the time, etc. Plus if you are into Warhol's art it can be an interesting insight into how he worked.

Plus it's interesting to view cultural events of the time (Studio 54, the ousting of the Shah of Iran, the Reagan era, death of Lennon, dawn of the AIDS years, etc) through the Warhol prism.

I do recommend it - it's a real cultural artifact.

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