Saturday, September 13, 2008

Detroit Then and ... Then

My mom forwarded me an e-mail full of old-timey Detroit pictures. You know, people lined up for the streetcars outside of Kern's department store, houses of famous Motown stars, the Bob-Lo boat. Pretty standard issue, the stuff people who lived in Detroit before the giant suburban explosion like to reminsce about.

I thought these two were most interesting, and really showed the evolution of one of Detroit's more interesting areas.

Woodward between Six and Seven Mile, 1908

Woodward between Six and Seven Mile, 1909


N said...

Tranny hookers have had a long, proud heritage on that sretch of Woodward. We need more celebrating of our local history. Keep up the good work!

Backintheday said...

I think I see some action going on in the bushes on the far left.

SupergayDetroit said...

I think that stretch of Woodward should be designated a National Tranny Hooker Heritage Site!

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