Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not so SMART

Happily, I received the call that my car was finally fixed after the most recent theft attempt. Unhappily, I had no one who could give me a lift out to Grosse Pointe to pick it up. So I thought, what a perfect time to give the bus a try!

I've been toying with the idea of taking the bus somewhere in the two weeks I've been car free. I was going to take it to a doctor's appointment but I was worried I wouldn't arrive on time. As a joke I was going to take it to some fancy event I had to attend at Somerset but I was worried about the bus schedule later at night. And I didn't want to sit on the bus for two hours each way.

Since a trip to the dealership during the day seemed like the right time. I went to the SMART website (the bus that takes you to the suburbs), found my route (which very conveniently started blocks from my home and ended blocks from my destination), walked to the stop and waited. And waited a little more. A few DDOT busses stopped or slowed down until I waved them on, but my SMART bus was running a little late. No biggie.

Then it appeared. I stood at the Bus Stop sign, so excited to undertake my latest urban adventure, and then watched at the bus sped right past me. With the lady driving starting right at me. As I waved to try and flag her down, looking like a giant loser.

I think I'll stick to walking, mooching rides off friends or cabbing for my future car-free needs.


Raoul Duke said...

Unless you're standing with a knot of people, you have to flag them down like taxicabs in Detroit.

You may have been dressed to well to catch the attention of the driver. I suggest plastic grocery bags with laundry in them.

Matthew said...

I have been taking the bus to work in the 'burbs pretty regularly for about two months now, and it's mostly been fine. I've had one experience, however, like the one you described (though in my case, I could see that the bus driver was staring straight ahead, so it looked like she just didn't notice me, wildly flailing arm notwithstanding). Extra frustrating. I feel that I should point out, however, that once, there was some technical problem with the bus I was on so the driver decided that she would drop us all off but would accept no new passengers. As a result, there were a lot of frustrated-looking people waving their arms and scowling as we sped past. So maybe something similar was happening on your bus?

SupergayDetroit said...

Wait, was the driver of that bus Sandra Bullock?

I guess I will wait and see what he response from my inquiry at SMART is, but I'm inclined to think Raoul Duke probably has the right idea. Although I admire your believe in human goodness, Matthew.

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