Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My current obsession

Well, this is really an ongoing obsession. But I revisited the 1960's film version of "Sweet Charity" and can't stop watching this.

Seriously fabulous Fosse.

And then the imitators. Well-done by The Gap:

And kind of whored up and dumbed down by Beyonce in "Get Me Bodied" (Sony/BMG has disabled embedding on all the YouTube copies of this video so you have to actually follow the link to watch it - or mouse over that little Snapshot icon. The relevant parts start at 1:15 and end about two minutes later. It's not a great song).

I know I blogged about this early last year but I'm still obsessed.



Woodwards Friend said...

Gap Khakis circa 1998 were the greatest pants ever invented.

Raoul Duke said...

That music is like Esquivel meets gospel. Sort of amazing really.

I'm in lust with that dance number.

Backintheday said...

How did I ever miss that all these years? Of course I didn't even see "Valley of the Dolls" until I was 45. Thanks SGD. I feel like my gay credentials have gotten a much needed booster shot.

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