Friday, March 23, 2007


As I sat around this morning drinking black coffee and nursing the tiniest of hangovers, listening to k.d. lang's Shadowland album (triply gay: lesbotron k.d., in her butch cowboy days, covering a Chris Isaak song. Delish.), it occured to me that perhaps I should set some expectations for anyone unfortunate enough to stumble across this blog and actually read it. Like in a good relationship, discussing expectations early on can avert heartbreak down the road.

First of all, let's make it exceedingly clear that this is a blog. Blogs are, at their very core, completely narcissistic excercises undertaken by people who think what they have to say is important or interesting enough to warrant an audience. I think of it metaphorically as masturbating with an audience. Now of course, sometimes you get the hot guy in the steam room at the gym, as with a blog like Mark Maynard's or Detroitblog. You really don't mind being the audience and frankly, if you've got it, flaunt it.

Unfortunately the majority of blogs are more like the fat old guy wearing a too-short towel in the sauna at the DAC. Avert. Eyes. Immediately. To make another local comparison, something like the South of 8 Mile blog might fall into this category.

This blog will probably be somewhere in between. Think of it as your college roommate from sophomore year who comes home from the bar horny and doesn't care (or maybe he does?) if you are awake and watching. Kind of confusing, kind of hot, and we won't talk about what we've seen after the fact. But it might happen again.

So really, don't take anything I write on here too seriously. It's just my (informed, relevant, fascinating) point-of-view. And feel free to disagree or comment. Comments are welcome.

Secondly, I ain't out to hurt no one. I am taking a critical look at what Detroit has to offer a gay guy with high standards, but who likes the lack of conformity and the diversity of the city. So yes, I may criticize the decor of a bar or restaurant. I may make a remark or two about the fashion choices of a crowd at a show. I might possibly put down the suburbs from time to time. And dear, I will definitely criticize your excessive fake tanning. But this is all in the interest of providing constructive commentary and helping gays like me find community and fabulous good times inside the city limits.

Thirdly, I will help promote great goings-on in the city. Obviously one man cannot know about everything that's going on, but I will help get the word out, with one caveat: it really does have to fit in the scope of this blog. So it will need to be something of interest for gays, or something that will attract gay people, or something along those lines. So run it by me, hopefully I can help get the word out to my enormous readership.

And lastly, for now, I'll try to keep things interesting on here, and post with some frequency. Nothing is more irritating than a blogger who doesn't ever blog.

Hopefully this works for you.

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