Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If you like a little Sass in your sassafrass ...

SupergayDetroit's unwritten, vaguely-conceived mission statement involves a commitment to spreading the news about great gay happenings in Detroit.

Which brings me to this: there's this little gay dance party that is exciting and marginally underground that I know you are gonna love. It's SASS, and despite their bad attitude (see below) you will have a kickin' good time.

A statement from their MySpace page:

I am SASS.
I am a monthly in downtown Detroit.
I turned one last November.
I am
Dorkwave & Dethlab's queer kid brother.
I am a dance party.
I am not a techno night.
Not everyone wants to hear Cher remixes and circuit music at the gay bar. (editor's note: I do)
Trance, progressive, and that hi-nrg music...not here.

Someone had to step up to bat so...

A gay night for the interesting guys and anyone else who wants to hear real
dance tracks and good music, new and old.

It's all about options.

Call me a faggot and I'll knock your teeth out.

OK then, a little hardline about the homophobia (because who doesn't like calling their best girlfriends "faggot"?) but hey, go and have fun!

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